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Sydney magician Sam Powers is the ultimate choice for amazingly memorable entertainment at your next event. He has made a name for himself with his dry humour, quick wit, and nonchalant style of magic. From sleight-of-hand tricks to levitating audience volunteers, people’s favourite magician Sydney, Sam Powers, has some awesome tricks up his sleeve. The best part is that he offers a wide range of styles for people of all ages.[expand title=”..” trigclass=”noarrow”]

Sydney Magician Hire

Are you searching for a magician to hire in Sydney? Don’t just hire any magician; find a true professional. With his jaw-dropping performances, Sam Powers blurs the lines between magic and reality. He specialises in close-up magic and stage illusions, leaving an audience with a sense of childlike wonder and delight that we lose as we grow up.

Sam Powers is your right choice if you are looking for a Sydney magician hire! Contemporary Australian Illusionist Sam Powers is a fantastic showman with a unique style and flair. His visually captivating tricks have been polished to perfection, so they feel fresh and accessible to audiences today.

Discover the right show for you!

Close-up Magic – The magic happens within inches of the audience, in their hands. You will make your guests feel like part of the magic!

Comedy Stage Wonders – A fast-paced, action-packed show with brilliant magic, visual gags, and quick one-liners. You’ll laugh your head off as Sam performs perfect magic tricks while on stage.

Illusion Stage – A spectacular display of stage illusions by the favourite magician in Sydney. Suitable for large groups, this beautifully choreographed performance will blow your guests away.

Magician Hire Sydney – Contact Us Now!

Hire a Magician in Sydney! Sam Powers’ magic can make any event memorable, whether he performs on stage or at a cocktail party. He provides all sorts of personalised, one-of-a-kind entertainment packages no matter what size the occasion is, whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or anywhere in Australia and beyond. From performing for Nicole Kidman, Elton John, and Ryan Reynolds, this is an entertainment company that doesn’t need to name-drop.[/expand]

Hire Magician

If you’re organising an event and looking for a way to engage the audience, why not try hiring a magician? From stirring our creativity to firing up our imagination, magic inspires people of all ages. Magic shows are among the most popular kinds of entertainment today so if you are planning an event, hire a magician in Sydney.

With five ‘Magician of the Year’ awards to his name, Sam Powers is an international award-winning magician and has appeared on television before 20 million viewers on popular programs. He performs 400 shows annually, making him Australia’s busiest and most sought-after illusionist. So, if you are searching for magicians for hire, Sam Powers is your ultimate choice.[expand title=”..” trigclass=”noarrow”]

Magicians for Hire – Add Excitement to Your Next Event

Sam Powers creates a full-scale performance of wonder that makes your audience the stars of the show using simple, creative tricks. As a finalist for Australia’s “Bachelor of the Year”, he was featured on the front cover of Cleo Magazine with Paris Hilton. Sam shot to fame after he performed 2000 shows at the Reef Hotel Casino, where he reached the Grand Final of the hit TV show Australia’s Got Talent. His magic shows will guarantee a memorable experience for your guests. He currently stars in the world’s biggest magic show, THE ILLUSIONISTS, with six of the industry’s best illusionists.

Sam’s magic is interactive, humorous, and extremely entertaining! His magic is diverse and easily adjusted to be visual or may be performed close-up with sleight of hand. Being adept at engaging and connecting with people of all ages, his act is the perfect choice for your next party if you’re looking for a magician for hire in Sydney.

Australian illusionist Sam Powers will not only make your next event memorable but also entertaining. He fell in love with magic when he was three while watching a magic show at his kindergarten Christmas party. He amazed his own teachers when he was five years old, made his television debut at fifteen, and was honoured with the title of ‘Australian Magician of the Year’ in the category of ‘Adult Stage Magic’ at age eighteen. With his many years of performance experience, you can rest assured that you’re hiring someone with the right skills. Call +61 1300 500 331 for a magician hire now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sam Powers?

Sam Powers is an Australian illusionist and a charismatic showman with his own unique style and flair. He has proven to be one of the most innovative, commercial and impactful corporate entertainment artists, fine-tuned through 2000 performances in the past six years. Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia and the world, we offer custom show packages to fit your event, no matter how large or small. Call +61 1300 500 331 to hire a magician from Sydney now!

How much does it cost to hire Sam Powers for my corporate event?

In order to provide an accurate quote, we believe that you should contact us with the details of your event rather than quoting vague prices. We have a variety of show packages, and you will be able to choose from those options. Based on your event and requirements, we can tell you the actual fee to hire magicians with no hidden charges.

How far do you travel?

Sam Powers is a Sydney magician who has performed in over 21 countries and won five ‘magician of the year’ awards for his outstanding performance. His visually captivating effects have been perfected, bringing to life illusions once created by great magicians of old yet still relevant today.

What sort of magic tricks does Sam Powers perform?

Sam Powers performs the following shows:

Close-Up Magic – Sam’s close-up magic is the ideal icebreaker. He interacts with your guests and amazes them with his magical tricks. It’s the perfect entertainment for cocktail parties and corporate events, where your hands and eyes become part of the magic.

Comedy Stage Wonders – A dynamic show featuring crowd-pleasing, lightning-quick comedic sketches. When combined with Sam’s brilliant magic, clever humour, excellent visuals, and engaging quips, the resulting entertainment package is one of the best.

Illusion Stage – An unforgettable performance of the most spectacular stage illusions you will ever see. An excellent choice for large groups, this brilliantly choreographed show is sure to amaze your guests.

If you’re looking for a Sydney magician hire, contact us today!

What kind of events or functions does Sam Powers perform?

Sam Powers performs at all kinds of private and corporate events. That includes weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, dinner parties, corporate events, trade shows, product launches, engagement parties, retirement parties, Christening celebrations, New Year’s Eve parties, and balls. Anytime a crowd needs to be entertained, Sam Powers can meet your needs. Even if many people are expected, he can keep them busy. Call +61 1300 500 331 for a magician hire.

Can you offer a custom package?

Yes! We believe each event is unique and different, so we offer a customised package that suits your needs and requirements. Contact us to discuss your choices, and our magician will tailor the package exclusively for you. Book in advance if you are interested in customising the package since the magician needs additional preparation time. The fee may also increase depending on the amount of customisation required.

How many guests can a magician entertain at once?

When booking a stage show, no maximum capacity is set. However, you may want a screen for the back row if you have a very large room. Close-up performances will vary depending on the tables, size of the venue, and length of time the magician is scheduled for. Generally, magicians will spend 10 minutes per table or group. Contact us now if you are looking for magicians for hire at your party.

Has Sam Powers appeared on any TV shows?

Yes! Sam Powers has previously appeared on a variety of television programs, including ‘The Today Show,’ ‘Sunrise,’ ‘Mornings,’ ‘The Footy Show,’ ‘The Morning Show,’ ‘A Current Affair,’ ‘Nine News,’ ‘Ten News,’ ‘Seven News,’ and the Disney Channel. He also appeared on the cover of Cleo Magazine with Paris Hilton as a finalist for Australia’s ‘Bachelor of the Year.’ He completed 2000 shows at the Reef Hotel Casino and shot to fame after reaching the final of ‘Australia’s Got Talent’. Sam now tours the world alongside six other famous illusionists for the world’s biggest magic show: THE ILLUSIONISTS.[/expand]


Classic Show

Close-Up Mingling Magic

Close-up magic is the perfect icebreaker, where Sam mingles with your guests and blows their minds.

It’s ideal for cocktail parties and pre-dinner entertainment where the magic happens inside your hands and under your eyes.

This intimate yet high impact performance will be talked about long after your event.


Premium Show

Comedy Stage Wonders

A fast paced and action packed compact stage show with hilarious audience participation routines.

The combination of Sam’s brilliant magic, slick humour, visual gags and quick one-liners is the perfect entertainment package.

Experience the witty and wacky side of Sam Powers that will leave your guests in stitches.


Extreme Show

Illusion Stage Spectacular

An electrifying performance of the most spectacular stage illusions you will ever see.

Suitable for larger groups, this brilliantly choreographed production has the ‘wow’ factor that is guaranteed to blow your guests away.

Prepare to be mesmerized by Sam Powers and his stunning assistants as seen in 19 countries across the globe.


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