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You Get One Chance to Make a Great Impression

I was in Los Angeles performing at Jamie Foxx’s birthday party and the event was focussed around a massive long table with Jamie down one end and me on the other. I was causing a riot down my end with killer-non-stop audience interaction as I made my way up the table. Part way through I got a tap on the shoulder from Jamie’s bodyguard and was escorted over to a private suite where Jamie and a handful of his friends were waiting and Jamie said, “OK, hit me with your best”.

It was definitely a night to remember. The reason I share this story with you, is because when it comes to entertainment, hard hitting audience interaction is critical to make an impression for a successful event. We are currently accepting bookings for end of year events for hire as a magician Sydney, magician Melbourne and magician Brisbane and I will be on Australian shores during October, November & December. Dates are closing rapidly for this season so, enquire now to avoid disappointment.

To learn more about the show and watch me in action, click here.

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