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Mental Health Week With Miss World Australia

Well, what can I say… As we were approaching mid 2021, the events and entertainment industry was on a healthy road to recovery with the return of live productions, sparkly new TV shows and international tours, all rolling back in… that is of course, until we met Delta. Once we hit June, Delta made it known that she had arrived and that she meant business and BOOM! Total wipeout for live entertainment.

However, that was then, and this is now and we’re armed, equipped and officially back… bigger and better than ever! We had tonnes of fun earlier this month in a special live online performance to support Mental Health Week with Miss World Australia, the beautiful and intelligent Esma Voloder. It was a classic moment of magic when the ring on her finger vanished right before her eyes only to reappear in the most impossible of locations.

To learn more about the show, our magician Sydney / magician hire service and to watch me in action, click here.

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